Tooth loss can affect both your quality of life and confidence in your appearance. To restore missing teeth, we offer the finest quality dentures at our Portage, MI, office. Dr. Susan M. Dennis is passionate about creating smiles that are healthy, as well as visually appealing. For 25 years, she has offered high-quality restorations made at an advanced local lab. She places a major emphasis on the cosmetics and fit of dentures, ensuring they both look and appear natural. She offers full, partial, and implant-supported restorations made from durable, lifelike materials. Our detail-oriented approach to designing and fitting your restorations ensure that your prosthesis will fit your overall facial features, and complement your entire appearance.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures come in both full and partial restorations, are removable, and primarily differ based on their size. A full denture will replace your entire top or bottom dental arch. Partials can restore several consecutively missing teeth. Both types of dentures are designed with a plastic base, which will match the natural shade of your gums. Dr. Dennis will take highly detailed impressions of your gums to ensure that the base rests securely over your gum ridge for a stable, comfortable fit. You can also use adhesives for additional support.

Partial dentures typically connect to adjacent natural teeth, often with small metal clasps. However, our practice prefers to use metal-free products whenever possible. Dr. Dennis proudly offers Valplast® and ClearFrame® partials. Valplast® dentures have a flexible, gum-colored base which will fit all the way around your surrounding teeth. ClearFrame® partials are supported by a clear plastic base that eliminates the need for metal clasps.

Implant-supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the gold standard of restorative options to treat widespread tooth loss. Dental implants are small metal posts that replace lost tooth roots. Because the posts fuse with your jaw, they provide unrivaled support for dentures, ensuring your restoration will not slip or shift. In addition, implants prevent jawbone recession by sending regenerative signals to the surrounding bone. Your preserved jaw will face lowered risk of additional tooth loss, and will eliminate the need to have dentures relined and refit in the future. Dr. Dennis does not place implants herself, but she will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon and oversee your entire treatment. After your recovery, she will design and place your customized, quality denture. She can even convert existing prostheses to be retained by dental implants.

With all dentures, Dr. Dennis will work meticulously to guarantee the most natural look possible.

Cosmetic Dentures

Our office also offers highly artistic cosmetic dentures. These restorations will be made using the most advanced materials and techniques for a higher degree of artistry. Cosmetic dentures are often virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, for a highly lifelike smile. You can receive cosmetic restorations that are removable or implant-supported.

Meticulous Treatment Planning for a Beautiful Smile

With all dentures, Dr. Dennis will work meticulously to guarantee the most natural-looking and comfortable results possible. She has worked with the same advanced lab for over 25 years, creating the finest quality of restorations for patients. This institution uses advanced metal-free materials, including IPS e.max® and Empress® porcelain. Not only will these materials match the natural color of your smile, but they are specially designed to have a realistic shine and durable strength.

When designing your restoration, Dr. Dennis will consider your overall facial features in addition to your smile. She will build up your dentures to fill in your lips and cheeks, creating more vertical dimension to avoid the aged look associated with tooth loss. She will also carefully consider how your teeth will look at rest, as well as when you are speaking and smiling, to ensure the best possible aesthetics.

Restore Your Smile

Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dennis. Let her begin designing your custom restoration today.