White Teeth for Life Club

We feel that every patient deserves a beautifully white smile they can be proud of. We are excited to offer our patients a unique program we call White Teeth For Life.

All patients who are interested in enhancing their smile by using one of our convenient and efficient whitening systems are eligible to become part of this amazing program.

For a one time enrollment fee of $99 (normally $350) for custom take-home whitening trays, or $299 (normally $600) for our chairside Sapphire whitening, you will receive everything you need for a wonderfully white smile that lasts forever!

Including the following:

  • Whitening consultation
  • Initial tooth shade check 
  • Custom made bleaching trays
  • Bleach Starter kit
  • Thorough whitening instruction
  • Post whitening shade check
  • Before and after photo
  • FREE bleach material at EVERY preventative hygiene appointment

All we ask is that you maintain Dr. Susan's recommended cleaning and exam regimen, inform us 48 hours in advance of rescheduling or canceling appointments, and keep your financial account balance current.

Click here to begin your whitening process!